Fabric Covered Bead Necklace Tutorial

>> Monday, June 28, 2010

I love creating these pretty little beads to add a romantic feel to any outfit.  I just love a long necklace...

You'll need-

3 wooden beads with large center hole
3 long scraps of fabric less than 1/2 inch wide
large needle (I used a plastic canvas needle)
bit of ribbon
fabric glue (hot glue works too)
22 inch chain that you can seperate in the center


My Poppies on Good Morning America!

>> Saturday, June 26, 2010

My friend Alexis Tirado was named Alicia Keys new head blogger for I Am A Super Woman - IAAS.com yesterday morning on Good Morning America!  She's amazing and I'm so happy for her... and she has fabulous taste in hair accessories.  She was chosen from 8,500 applications and I met her when she worked for Martha Stewart's website.  She's such a cool girl and so very deserving of this opportunity.

I was drinking my coffee watching Good Morning Amercia and waiting for the head blogger announcement when low and behold...Alexis won!  That made me super happy, then I realized OMG she's wearing one of the glam poppy hair flowers I made for her...on TV!  This made me spill my coffee,
 it's hard to jump up and down with a coffee mug you know.

Keep an eye out for her...she's got a pretty incredible future ahead of her!


Ruffle Earrings Anyone?

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you're in love with ruffles like I am then here is a super quick way to add a little girly goodness to your earring collection!  This simple tutorial uses some of the same techniques as the Ruffle NecklaceTutorial I posted earlier so you can go crazy with ruffles if you'd like! 

You'll need -
wire hoops (craft store, claires or make your own)
fabric scraps (2 equal pieces)
needle and thread or sewing machine
*I also used a candle to heat seal the egdes of my chiffon*

These little hoop earrings make me feel so girly, I just love them...hope you do too!


Corsage Class Coming Soon!

>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am so happy to be back to teach a class at Simply Beautiful Boutique, the sweetest little downtown Frederick, MD boutique ever!  On Thursday July 1st @7pm I will be teaching a "Sex and the City" Style Corsage Class...and there will be cocktails too!  This corsage has a few key fabric flower making methods combined into one FABULOUS big and bold corsage. I will have a ton of beautiful colors to choose from and all the materials you need to make one to wear home...or across the street for dinner and drinks.

 Just think...if you start now and totally make all of your friends and family these for Christmas :)


Sweet Gathered Roses (my grandma's "magic" roses)

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Such a unique fabric flower, grandma called them "magic roses"...hope you like them!

You’ll need –

a square of fabric approx 4 inches x 4 inches (any size square will work...play with it)

Needle and thread

Glue gun

Felt scraps cut into leaves


These are so fun to make and really have a unique look. 
 I hope you make them and love them as much as I do!


Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

I love adding a little extra pop of girly style to my already girly outfit!  I just adore the thought of dressing up an average flat with a happy chiffon flower shoe clip.  These little beauties work on just about any summer shoe from flip flops to strappy night time sandals.  I used the Fabric Carnation Tutorial but used a pretty lemon chiffon instead of cotton.  After I made the flowers I heat sealed the edges by gently waving it over a candle...which makes the flower curl up even more!  Then I added a little piece of felt with a shoe clip (you can even use a clip on earring back from the craft store) and attached it with a little hot glue. 

Easy Peasy!


Birthday Cake Ring Tutorial

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's my birthday!  I have had an amazing day so far with my family, I am such a lucky girl :)  My little guys are resting before dinner and cake time so I thought I'd share my little birthday cake ring tutorial with you to keep the party going!

You'll need-
5 little polyester fabric circles (I used a vanilla color and cut them under 3/4 inch)
some pretty tulle bits (as the icing of course)
a few pretty flower beads in differnt sizes for stacking (or just a bunch of colored round beads will work too)
one little pearl bead
ring base
glue gun
needle and thread
candle (and tweezers so you don't burn your fingers!)

Think of this as my party favor to you!