Stache on a Stick...who knew!

>> Sunday, December 5, 2010

I clearly underestimated the popularity of a mustache on a stick.  Last night I was set up at the Holiday Artist Market downtown and instead of having a candy treat at my table for the holiday festivites I decided to make a bunch of "Stache on a Stick" fun to giveaway.  Well holy moly...the town went mustache crazy.  I had heards of folks rushing my table asking if I was "the mustache girl"  which was both cute and odd at the same time!  Everyone wanted a free litttle stache and I was out of them 2 hours into the night :)  Needless to say the world is a much funnier place when you're town is wearing mustaches on sticks all night long. What a blast, I think I may make it a regular thing at all craft shows.

And yes many folks also bought the flask to go along with the up necklaces!