Black Swan Martini Tutu

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

In honor of my favorite Oscar flick "Black Swan" I decided to serve cocktails dressed in a black tutu for the Oscars.  Super fun right :)  I plan on making these amazing white chocolate martinis and calling them "White Swan Martinis" so of course I felt the need to create the black swan tutu to go along with it!

Simply cut off about 12 inches of black tulle from a 6 inch roll (the kind they sell at the craft stores, usually in the bridal section), fold it over so it's now 3 inches by 12 inches, cut up and fringe about 1.5 inches about every inch to give it that "tutu" look, then stitch a running stitch along the top.  Grab your glass, pull the stitch so it bunches up and tie it to secure it around your glass.  I added a sparkly button with a few loose fancy!  You will be the hit of Oscar night with stylih tutu glass!